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Social Psychiatry Rehabilitation Center Hostel was founded in 2002, inspired by the Scandinavian psychiatric solutions and is the only one such center in Poland. There are places for 24 people here, who are lived according to their needs for several months to 2 years. The therapeutic team consists of physicians, psychologists, nurses and psychotherapists. The program is aimed at young pupils aged 16-23 with diagnosed psychotic disorders, mood disorders, adaptive and stress disorder and for this youths who don’t have possibilities for normal life in their eniroment. Staying at the Center is about healing and strengthening your personality, taking into account the needs of young people and helping them being an independent person.  An important element of staying at the Hostel is self motivation, willingness to cooperate, taking responsibility for recovery.

The problems of our people are related to difficulties in social functioning. Despite their young age, they have experienced many difficult situations that have led to the loss of confidence in their peers and adults, the lack of self-confidence, the feeling of exclusion from life. In their lives they met a serious crisis, and the Hostel try to return themto balance. They continue to study here, enjoy therapeutic classes and have the opportunity to experience many cordial relationships with people. The hostel offers help young patients from all over Poland.  Residents of Hostel continue their education in the middle and high school in Zagórze (about 20 km away from Hostel). Every day our members travel by bus from the hostel to the school with one of our staff. A few continue to study after high school. There is a psychosocial program in the Hostel based on a therapeutic community and individual therapeutic support. We offer social skills training, psychoeducation, individual and group psychotherapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, cognitive therapy, social activity, sport and leisure activities. Young people participate in the social and cultural life of the local community and Warsaw. A special role is the cooperation with families and supporting them. Family, family and educational groups are regularly organized. An important part of the social-psychiatric rehabilitation program is the rehabilitation and socialization camps, which take place every year during the holiday season.

In addition to the rehabilitation-oriented activities, the team, along with the youth, participates in many activities contributing to the dissemination of knowledge about mental disorders and raising public awareness about mental health. Young people with the help of therapists publish books, creates theater performances. movies and exhibitions – reach different audiences and change the approch to mentally health.         The Hostel’s team contributes to the popularization of prevention and health care, in particular mental health, through workshops for professionals, participation in conferences, the organization of exhibitions and art publications. The Hostel has been awarded Innovation for Health 2009 for Good Health Practices. Also In 2016 the Hostel received the title of Golden Leader of Health Care in the category of Activity for Patiens.




Hostel – Ośrodek Rehabilitacji Socjopsychiatrycznej

ul Kochanowskiego 27/29

05-400 Otwock POLAND


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